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Suturion is developing a sewing machine for surgical suture lines

During training and practise surgeon Gabriel Börner often encountered complications to closure of the abdomen after surgery. Most notably infections and incisional hernias. This, together with scientific evidence showing that a meticulous surgical technique can reduce these complications planted an idea that a device could help surgeons prevent hernias instead of repairing them.

Suturion AB was founded in 2018 by Gabriel Börner, medtech engineer Mats O. Christensson and LU Holding AB. The company is developing and evaluating a sewing machine for long surgical suture lines. The innovation facilitates for surgeon adherence to best practice principles of abdominal closure which is essential to lower the risk for incisional hernia. The innovation also reduces abdominal closure time and minimizes the risk for prick injuries. To build value Suturion filed a patent application, performed market analysis and pre-clinical research and have started the regulatory investigation towards CE-marking and FDA-approval. The pre-clinical research provided proof of concept and we are planning to conduct a clinical trial in 2021.


Our Team


founder, CEO and board member suturion ab

Gabriel Börner

Gabriel is a consultant in trauma and emergency surgery and researcher in the field of abdominal wall closure techniques. The research around the innovation will be compiled in a thesis for a PhD. Gabriel has interest in patient safety issues and is involved in medical training at all levels.

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founder and board member suturion ab

Mats O. Christensson

Mats is a fine mechanic engineer and has experience in developing and constructing complicated surgical and orthopedic devices. He held a position at the department for medical technology in the Lund University hospital but now runs his own company supporting researchers.

Göan brorsson bild.jpg

Chairman suturion ab

Göran Brorsson

Göran has more than 20 years of experience as CEO and senior manager for Swedish and multinational companies with operations and customers in Scandinavia, Europe, North America and Asia. He held key leadership roles in companies involved in manufacture and distribution of medical device products. He has cross-cultural knowledge and background in management, global business development strategies and corporate transactions.

Since 2015 he is active as an independent advisor to companies within the medical device and life science sectors. He holds an MBA from Gothenburg University and has participated in the International Management Program at the International Management Institute, Geneva.

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Board member suturion ab

Christine Widstrand

Christine is Executive Vice President at LU Holding AB and responsible for the Life Science portfolio. She holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Lund University. With a background as CEO and founder of several Biotech Companies, she has gained over twenty years of experience in business development, venture capital raising, international sales and marketing, licensing and organizational and quality management. Dr Widstrand has many years of experience in board work, both as a member and as a Chairman.


Board member Suturion ab

Simon Jegou

Simon is a chemistry engineer with a PhD in materials chemistry. Simon has extensive international experience from the MedTech industry where he’s held several management positions within both R&D and Business Development. In his current position as Senior Business Developer at LU Innovation, Simon helps researchers at Lund University to transform their translational projects into commercial innovations.

Linda Granstrand till hemsidan - kopia.jpg

Board member Suturion ab

Linda Granstrand Füle

Business driven IP- expert with +15y experience of building strong performing teams. Well versed in securing rights and building value in innovation driven companies. Linda’s specialization is legal, business and strategic aspects of intellectual property and marketing law. Linda is partner at Valea AB in which she represents a wide range of clients from start-ups to multinational companies.

bild anette sjögren.jpg

Board member Suturion ab

Anette Sjögren

Anette has over 30 years of experience from medical device and pharma industry as QA, RA, QP and the tasks within those fields such as clinical affairs, toxicology and biocompatibility. Anette is a member of the Swedish (TK355) and the international Technical (TC210) committees since 2010. Since 16 years Anette is a consultant within PREVENTIA. As a consultant Anette supports in all kind of activities within the scope of her knowledge and experience such as; giving training courses (open or company internal) and presentation at conferences, participate in projects for market clearance worldwide, perform audits and support in clinical affairs as well as quality and regulatory affairs.