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The Suturion technology

Minimize abdominal wall complications

The most common way to get access to the abdominal cavity is through a midline incision. There are experimental and clinical data giving sound information about the surgical technique required to minimize abdominal wall complications. To reduce the risk of wound infection and incisional hernia a continuous suture technique should be used and the thread should be at least four times the length of the incision.

Reduce needle injuries

The stiches should be small and placed tightly. This is a tedious and time-consuming way of suturing and may be difficult to achieve with perfection following long and strenuous surgical procedures. Furthermore, this technique for incisional closure is the most common ground for needle injuries during surgery.

A technique to save time and increase precision

An instrument for automatic surgical stitching is developed. The instrument is designed by using up-to-date knowledge about abdominal incisional closure techniques. Thus, the instrument deploys stiches along the incision with standardized spaces but faster compared with traditional technique. The latter opens the possibility of abdominal closure by less experienced surgeons or theater staff.