About Suturion

We at Suturion believe in incisional hernia prevention. This is why we are innovating a new suturing choice for abdominal wall closure.

Gabriel Börner – Board Member, Founder and CMO

A surgeon’s story.
And solution.

It all started with a curious surgeon trying to solve a clinical problem. During training and practice Gabriel Börner often met patients with wound complications which sparked an idea for a technical solution.

This experience, together with a growing body of scientific evidence and research showing that the small bites technique can reduce patient complications, planted an idea of a device that could help surgeons prevent incisional hernias and other complications after open abdominal surgery.

Suturion AB was founded in 2018 by Gabriel Börner, medtech engineer Mats O. Christensson and LU Holding AB. Suturion have performed extensive pre-clinical research and filed for several patents. Gabriel Börner is a frequent speaker at medical congresses and travels the world presenting his scientific research and findings. In 2023 Suturion started a clinical trial which is an important step towards the regulatory pathway for CE and FDA approval.

How the idea came to life

Interview with Gabriel Börner

The Suturion Project

How did it come to life and why?
Interview with Gabriel Börner

The goal of Suturion

Gabriel Börner talks about the goal of Suturion.