About the board

We at Suturion believe in incisional hernia prevention. This is why we are innovating a new suturing choice for abdominal wall closure.

The board

Göran Brorsson

Chairman of the Board

Göran has 20+ yrs managerial experience in SME and big corporations in the Nordics, Europe, US and Asia. Göran held key leadership roles in operations, sales, manufacturing and distribution of medical device products. He has cross-cultural knowledge and background in management, global business development strategies and corporate transactions. Since 2015 he works as an independent advisor to MedTech and Life Science companies. He holds an MBA from Gothenburg University and has participated in the International Management Program at the International Management Institute, Geneva.

Anna Gisselsson

Board Member

Anna has an extensive experience from the life science sector, and a background in R&D, business development and internationalization. Currently Anna is an investment manager at Almi Invest. Anna has previously held positions at GE Healthcare, Medicon Village, Business Sweden and several start up and scale up companies within biotech and med tech. She hold a M.Sc. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry (2003) from Lund University.

Pia Renaudin

Board Member

Pia has 25+ yrs of experience from the life science industry, focusing on sales&marketing. Since 4 yrs, Pia is the CEO for Senzime, a Swedish MedTech company. She previously held executive positions globally and regionally in Sweden and France. Pia Renaudin has managed many strategic product launches for global companies as AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers, Squibb, Gilead Sciences and Stryker. Pia has a MBA from University of Gothenburg (1992), and graduation from INSEAD Business School, France.

Anette Sjögren

Board Member

Anette has 30+ yrs of experience from medical device and pharma industry as QA, RA, QP and expertise in the fields of clinical affairs, toxicology and biocompatibility. Anette is a member of the Swedish (TK355) and the international Technical (TC210) committees since 2010. Since 16 years Anette is a consultant within PREVENTIA. Anette supports her customers with expertise and activities as giving training courses (open or company internal) and presenting at conferences, participate in projects for market clearance worldwide, perform audits and support in clinical affairs as well as regulatory affairs & quality assurance.

Christian Söderholm

Board Member

Christian has 20+ yrs of experience as an entrepreneur and CEO. He has started and managed companies in Sweden, France, Holland, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine with operations in Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, Africa and America. His core strenght is on sales&marketing and he has created and managed sales network with representation in 76 countries. Today Christian manages the investment company Albin Invest with a focus on long term growth and commitment. Christian holds a M.Sc. in Business and Economics from Lund University.

Gabriel Börner

Board Member, Founder and CMO

Gabriel is a consultant trauma and emergency surgeon at Helsingborg hospital. He has special interest in teaching at all levels and patient safety issues. Gabriel is a PhD-student at Lund University and the research concerns abdominal wall closure.