Event: Dry Lab Skill Training during Surgeon’s Week

About the webinar:

About the event:

Welcome to Suturion’s Dry Lab Skill Training during Surgeon’s Week in Örebro.

Many studies and clinical guidelines have been published on how to open, and even more importantly, close the abdominal wall. It is time to focus on these techniques to reduce the risk of infections, burst abdomen and incisional hernias.

The current scientific foundation and evidence for what measures that shall be taken to reduce complications, state that the small bites technique with a slowly resorbable suture is the preferred strategy for closing a laparotomy. We would like to welcome you to a training opportunity, where we discuss the importance of the small bites technique and how our device can help surgeons & nurses to adhere to the current guidelines and evidence.

Incisional hernia development is a common and frequent complication after midline laparotomy. As midline laparotomy will remain the standard for a range of abdominal interventions, there is a need to reduce hernia rates.

When: Thursday 24th of August 3.30 at Kirurgveckan (during the afternoon coffee-
Location: In the exhibition area.
Warm welcome to join us for an exciting practical training opportunity at Kirurgveckan!

Registration for the practical training is non-binding and free of charge.

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Gabriel Börner, MD