New CEO will bring Suturion’s sewing machine for abdominal surgery to the market.

After 21 years of product launches and regulatory compliance at Ethicon Inc – a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Ethicon has manufactured surgical sutures and wound closure devices since 1887.
It is an exciting challenge to, as the first full-time employee in a start-up, prepare for a commercial launch both locally and globally, says Paan Hermansson in a comment. The medical technology company Suturion, which develops a new type of instrument for abdominal surgery, has hired Paan Hermansson as CEO.

Suturion, with premises in Medicon Village in Lund, was started in 2018 by surgeon Gabriel Börner and medical technology developer Mats O. Christensson. The company’s product is a instrument, which will stitch the abdominal wall together after surgery, both faster and with greater precision than traditional methods. According to the company, the method should contribute to a reduced risk of complications and faster recovery for the patient.

– The company is built around an innovation that can make a big difference for many people, and I find it incredibly stimulating to be able to contribute to that, says Paan Hermansson.

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