Suturion Announces Strategic Distribution Partnership with Sarabeel Commercial Company for the Middle East Market

Suturion proudly unveils another milestone in its expansion strategy by finalizing a distribution agreement with Sarabeel Commercial Company, headquartered in Jeddah. With a strong legacy dating back to its establishment in 1990, Sarabeel has cemented its position as a premier supplier of cutting-edge medical equipment within the healthcare sector.

The partnership between Suturion and Sarabeel is positioned to redefine the surgical landscape in the Middle East. Leveraging Sarabeel’s extensive expertise and dedicated focus on the surgery sector, this collaboration presents an exceptional opportunity for the introduction of Suturion’s innovation—Suture TOOL.

“We at Suturion are very glad to have secured a contract with one of the most reputable distributors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The long and successful history of Sarabeel is a true testimony to the great leadership and position of the company in the region.” says Paan Hermansson, CEO at Suturion.

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