Suturion Sponsor of EHS Cadaver Lab in Reims June 20-21

We are pleased to announce that our participation at EHS Advanced OPEN Cadaver Course in Reims, held in collaboration with the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, went well and was very valuable. This course, dedicated to the latest developments in hernia repair technology, brought together surgeons from mainly across Europe. The participants engaged in a variety of educational activities, including expert-led lectures and hands-on surgical workshops.  

The course provided a unique platform for attendees to learn about innovative surgical techniques. Training included the correct incision closure technique, known as the small-bites technique, with one of the highlights being the use of the SutureTOOL for laparotomy closure. The instrument was well received among the participants.  

Suturion sponsored this course alongside other leading companies such as BD, Solventum and Fasciotens. We look forward to supporting more successful events and continuing our commitment to advancing hernia surgery education.

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