Suturion steps up its game

Skåne-based medtech company Suturion steps up its game – opens up for more surgeons to test their new innovative technology

Suturion is a Swedish medtech company that during the past five years has developed a completely new medical product. The aim is to increase patient safety after open abdominal surgery. The product is the first of its kind and will expectantly be launched in the beginning of next year. The company is currently in a third funding round and is now opening up for more surgeons to test the new technology during this year’s Kirurgvecka.

Every year, around 30 million open abdominal surgeries are performed globally and about 1 in 3 patients suffer from painful complications afterwards that often require new surgeries. Suturion has therefore developed an innovative and first of its kind instrument called Suture-TOOL, which will transform the current practice of performing the abdominal wall closure by hand. The new technology which is similar to an advanced sewing machine is designed to both reduce the risk of complications and increase patient safety.

A clinical study is currently being carried out at Helsingborg hospital and will be completed this autumn. Suturion is also in a third funding round and during this year’s Kirurgvecka, which takes place in Örebro between August 21-25, the company will for the first time host a workshop that allows more surgeons to test the unique small bite closure technique.

– We are very happy to have reached the point where we are today. Our team has developed a product with the potential to significantly reduce patient suffering, save time for surgeons and reduce the burden on the healthcare system. We are now ready to let more surgeons test the new technology in a by invitation only workshop, says Gabriel Börner, surgeon and founder of Suturion.

The results from the clinical study will form the basis for a CE marking and the goal is to launch Suture-TOOL early next year.

– The first preliminary results from the clinical study are excellent and show that the use of Suture-TOOL makes it possible for surgeons to do the abdominal wall closure significantly faster and with higher quality. We look forward to the final results and are now in full preparations for the upcoming launch, says Paan Hermansson, CEO of Suturion.

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