Swedish surgeon develops “sewing machine” for better operations.

The surgeon Gabriel Börner has developed a tool to increase safety and quality for abdominal wall closure after open surgery. Now Suturion receives 14 MSEK in risk capital to fully develop the “sewing machine”.

There have been several studies that have shown that the abdominal closure technique plays a role and can reduce the risk of complications. But being very thorough takes a lot of time, says Gabriel Börner, who himself has worked in emergency surgery for the past ten years in Helsingborg.

And time is money, not least when it comes to hospitals with heavy pressure on the operating theatres.

There are calculations that say it costs 300-500 SEK in an operating room per minute. But a wound infection means that you may have to get antibiotics and stay in hospital, and an incisional hernia costs around 100 000 SEK to repair. There are many factors that affects hospitals budgets and it is logical to have a device that helps surgeons in the operating room to save time and deliver excellent patient care, says surgeon Gabriel Börner.

Read the article in Dagens Industri (swedish)

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